Film Processing

All 135/120 Format Color Negative film rolls that we receive will be processed with Noritsu QSF-V30 Processional Film Processor loaded with genuine and fresh batch of FUJI HUNT C41 Chemical.

Advantages of using Noritsu QSF-V30

The Noritsu QSF-V30 is a film processor from the V-Series, known for its advanced design features and state-of-the-art technology during the golden era of film photography. It's designed for professional use, particularly in photo labs and studios that need efficient and reliable film processing.

Why we use FUJI HUNT C41 Chemicals instead of KODAK?

Unfortunately, Kodak discontinued the production and sale of Kodak chemicals back in 2023. After experimenting with C41 Chemical Kits from multiple brands such as Fuji, Tenetal, Champion etc, we believe that Fuji Chemical offers the best quality so we made the switch.

Film Scanning

All films regardless of processing method will be scanned by our Noritsu-HS-1800 film scanner.

The Noritsu HS-1800 is a high-performance film scanner designed for professional use, particularly in labs and studios that require efficient and high-quality scanning of film negatives and slides.

Noritsu HS-1800 Film Scanner

Versatile Film Scanning Solution

The HS-1800 is a high quality, high-capacity and versatile film scanner that handles a wide variety of film types. A TWAIN driver is included as a standard feature. This allows the HS-1800 to be connected to a PC and be used as a stand-alone scanner.

  • The HS-1800 can scan 35mm film at a resolution of up to 4492 x 6774 pixels, which is approximately 30 megapixels.
  • It also supports medium format film with a maximum resolution of 7606 x 7606 pixels, about 58 megapixels.
  • It features automatic film feeding and advanced image processing capabilities to streamline the scanning process.

Easy and Efficient Film Handling

  • The HS-1800 supports not only color negative film, but also color positive, chromogenic B&W and B&W film.
  • The scanner is capable of handling a variety of film format, including 135, medium format 120/220 and mounted slides when used with the corresponding mount carrier.

Digital Ice Technology

  • The HS-1800 is equipped with Digital Ice Technology which helps to correct dust and minor scratches on the base layer of the film that's being scanned to further enhance the final scanned image.

Digital Input

An input system that brings out all the fine details in a photograph.

A unique scanning system is built around a high-performance CCD sensor installed on the HS-1800 which is capable of reading three colors simultaneously. Images scanned from film are rapidly converted to a high-precision digital format with no loss of image quality. The HS-1800 also comes with a powerful scanning software known as the Noritsu EZ Controller that offers extensive control over scanning parameters and image adjustments.

With the help of EZ Controller, we are able to deliver high quality scans to our customers thanks to the unique features it offers.

Backlight Correction

In an overly backlit scene, figures in the foreground are too dark and the background is too bright. The relative brightness of foreground figures and background is corrected.

Sharpness Correction

Improves the edge definition of objects, shadows and colors, while compensating for film grain, to produce crisp, clear photos that look as if they were taken with a higher grade of camera.

Overexposure and Underexposure Correction

In overexposured and underexposured negatives, brightness and contrast can be automatically corrected to produce prints of near-standard brightness.

Overexposure Correction

Underexposure Correction

High-contrast Correction

In a flash shot with a dark background, foreground figures can be too bright while the background is too dark. The relative brightness of foreground figures and background is corrected.

HS-1800 Film Scanner Scan Resolutions

Film FormatTypeMin. Scan Resolution / FPH**Max. Scan Resolution / FPH**
135FStrip/Roll1037x1565 / 22054492x6774 / 327
240CStrip/Roll1406x2110 / 14753043x4567 / 450
135F Mount*Single Mount966x1482 / 3234184x6415 / 124
6x4.5*Single/Strip/Roll2412x1766 / 16004824x3533 / 513
*w/Optional Negative Carrier - **Frames per hour

HS-1800 Film Carrier Specs

Film CarrierFilm TypeFormatsRemarks
135/240AFC-IINegative/ Positive/ B&W/ Chromogenic135F, 135H, 135P, 135FP, 135FPS, IX240135H: Minimum length 4 frames
135F/ 135P/ 135FP/ 135FPS : Minimum length 2 frames
Negative/ Positive/ B&W/ Chromogenic135F, 135H, IX240135H/ 135F: Min. length 1 frame
IX240: Only positives

Mount Specifications

50mm x 50mm
Thickness: 1.0mm~3.2mm
Glass mounts not supported
Negative/ Positive/ B&W/ Chromogenic6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9
(Optional 6x12)
Minimum length: 1 frame
Minimum advance length: 43mm
(6x4.5 1 frame)
(Special Order)
Negative110Minimum length: 3 frames
Multi Film Carrier (MFC)
(Special Order)
Negative/ Positive/ B&W/ Chromogenic/ Crop card110, 135F, 135H, 135P, 135FP, IX240, (120/220), Crop cardMinimum length : 1 frame
An optional attachment is required for all formats besides 135F.